Meet bubblegum, the most fun, free way to take and share photos on Windows Phone 7. It is currently ranked in the top five apps of its kind with thousands of users and photos in just a few short weeks.

Filters to make your photos look gorgeous

Use our app's wide range of filters to make your photos as good looking as Lady Gaga's costumes. Wait, that's not a good thing - let's try this again. Convert your photos into mini-works of art that will make your friends go "Wow!". With a wide range of filters, you can let your imagination run wild - from bringing the '70s back and giving your photos a retro look to making your photos pop and sparkle. Now just forget the Lady Gaga reference.

Friends, followers, comments, and bears! Oh my!

What's the point of posting things if there's no one to show off to? Use the in-built social network to find people to follow, post comments and explore other's photos. Or post to Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. You'll be joining the thousands of bubblegummers (yup, that's what we call them) who are already posting photos. This is your chance to become the next Ashton Kutcher. Just to be clear, we are refering to the million followers thing. We wouldn't want you to start making his kind of movies (did you even see 'The Killers')?

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